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How to Catch a Wild Viscount Mini-Review

How to Catch a Wild Viscount - Tessa Dare

I have been wanting to read this for a while now, especially as its original title involved a "werestag." This was free and since I adore pretty much anything Tessa Dare, I grabbed it.


This is a historical romance novella, about whether and how much a war can change people. Luke and Cecily shared a summer together before he left for war. He gave her her first kiss. Now, before she can marry another, they are at a party together, fighting (and not fighting) their renewed attraction for each other.


It was sexy, funny, and heart-breaking. The werestag business has to do with her friend Portia, a budding gothic novelist, who becomes intrigued by a local legend. Just go with it.


There are gothic elements that really work, but it's still a similar tone to Dare's Spindle Cove series. Loved it. Highly recommend. :)