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Ranty: Synchronization Issues and Why I Still Keep My GR Account

Harumph. So, while I'm way more active on BL than GR, I have still tried to keep the accounts sync'd. I'm just not quite ready to let my GR account go, despite my reasons for jumping over to BL.


Mostly, I like seeing what some of my GR buddies are reading and they aren't all over on BL. Sometimes I can't find a book through the BL search list and it is easier to add it to GR, knowing it will appear on both. And, unless the app is new, I have the GR app on my phone and use it several times a day. Any news on a BL app?


But lately I've run into some strange things as my accounts sync. A DaVinci book keeps getting added to my GR "currently reading" list. O.O Not sure what that's about but I've had to delete it twice. Weird.


Another thing that bugs me is that my reviews from BL don't always show up on GR. Like even two days later they aren't there. Is there a way to fix that? 


I'm getting closer to the point of just putting a link on my GR profile to my BL account. But GR still has some features that I can't replicate at BL. I like being able to compare books with someone--and it's a Venn diagram! Love it!--ahem, and I like seeing what my friends have thought of a book when I add it. On BL, it gets added into a vacuum. I'm not even sure there's a way to see what anyone else on BL has thought of a book I'm added through a search feature.


I also think it is difficult to find blogs on BL. So time-consuming! I enjoy the folks I follow, but it is always nice to follow new ones too. And, truly, I am very genre-specific, so I'm really looking for other romance readers. In the times I've searched on BL, it takes pages and pages to go through and find people who even select romance as something they read. (Yes, I select that when searching and it still takes pages and pages.) BL will stick other "popular" blogs on there that I have to scroll through. I'm a firm believer in read what you love, but why does it have to be so difficult to find other romance readers on BL?


I should have probably prefaced this entire post with an acknowledgement of how I'm not particularly tech-savvy. Several of these issues could be (are?) due to my own limitations of how to use these two sites. But, still. I'm apparently not ready to give up the old one yet because I like some of it's interactive bells and whistles.


*Insert GIF of me squinting at my laptop and shaking my fist in frustration.