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Secrets on the Sand Review

Scandal on the Sand - Roxanne St. Claire

I finished the third novella in the Billionaires of Barefoot Bay series last night. The third novella is about Liza, a county clerk who is the guardian of her friend's young son, and Nate, bad-boy billionaire (no, I cannot type that with a straight face) who is ready to give up his bad-boy ways. Nate is the likely father of Liza's friend's kid. Liza just wants him to sign a termination of parental rights form so she can adopt Dylan.


Nate is the equivalent of JFK jr, with a famous, wealthy family. He is recognized anywhere he goes. He wants to earn his family's respect by his involvement in the minor-league baseball team in Barefoot Bay.


Nate and Liza search for clues about her friend Carrie, or is it Bailey? They work together to obtain work permits for the project. And they flirt like crazy. Liza isn't ready to commit until she can get a little distance between the man she's attracted to and his bad-boy rep. Made sense to me.


I liked Liza and Nate. They had great chemistry. There were elements of a billionaire lifestyle, complete with two yachts, a fancy car, and designer clothes. I never felt that that took over the story though. Fair warning that Dylan is a bit of a plot-moppet. I don't mind those, but some folks do.


The book was over before I was ready, though the ending was satisfying. There were a few loose threads that in a longer novel may have been tied up. Still, I adore Roxanne St. Claire's voice, her humor, and how she took a trend and made these billionaires likable and sexy (and not a Dom in the mix!).