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Special Interests: Mini Review

Special Interests - Emma Barry

I love politics. Love. So when I heard about a contemporary romance set in D.C. and about politics, I squeed.


Okay. Here's what I liked: Emma Barry's voice (smart, gentle, funny, and sophisticated), the two MCs felt "real", relatable, and likable, the set-up where he turns her down (cough, repeatedly), and the inclusion of family (esp the scene when Parker brough Millie to a Sunday family dinner--so bittersweet).


What fell short: the last quarter of the book lost some momentum. Parker and Millie broke up and it just confused me. It was one fight and then they both, somehow, decide it's over (for days!) even though they are CRAZY about each other. Also, the first several pages each had typos. It was strange but not too distracting.


Still, their character arcs were mature and made effective, and weren't dependent on each other or "fixed" by lurve.


I think this is the first in a planned D.C.-based series. I will definitely be reading the next book.