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Then You Hide review

Then You Hide - Roxanne St. Claire

I've been making my way, in random order, it seems, through Roxanne St. Claire's backlist. Over the past week, I finished First You Run, and yesterday wrapped up Then You Hide. Two more novellas and I'll be done with her romantic suspense Bullet Catchers series. Le bittersweet sigh.


Then You Hide is book #5 of the series, which is also part of a three-book arc of a mystery surrounding a woman who was wrongly imprisoned for murder and is dying of cancer, and a cop's search for the baby daughter(s) she gave up. This book focuses on Vanessa, a workaholic hedge-fund manager and Wade, the former Marine sniper, who is sent to fetch her.


Tropical location, awesome contrast between Southern-boy hero and fast-moving New Yorker heroine, crackling sexual tension (and payoff!), suspenseful plot about finding a friend, and a lovely emotional subplot about belonging and being deserving of love. Fab.


Here's a lil excerpt:


She was plenty womanly, all right, but not feminine. He liked a sweet, tender peach, all squeezably soft and fresh. Vanessa Porter was no peach.


She was a tart.


Oh, Wade. I love it when they fall hard. Heh. Seriously, Wade was great. Read it for him. He doesn't grow very much in this book, which is why it was four and not five stars, but there were some nice subtle changes.


I also enjoyed how St. Claire keeps me guessing as to whodunit. I think I'm so smart and then nope. Twist, twist, twist. That's part of the fun.