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Secrets on the Sand

Secrets on the Sand (TheBillionaires of Barefoot Bay #1) - Roxanne St. Claire

I love Roxanne St. Claire's books so I knew I would love this series. I ADORE the Barefoot Bay books. I wasn't sure what to think about a billionaire series, given that, for me, billionaires don't conjure up the image of hot dudes in their 30s. And, to be fair, dukes wouldn't necessarily be dashing hotties either, but this is Romancelandia, so I go with it.


However, Zeke, a math guy who uses his powers to make billions, was pretty charming and sweet. Amanda, a high school homecoming queen known formerly as Mandy the Magnificent, works as a maid following a horrible end to a horrible relationship. They are sweet together. St. Claire weaves in enough backstory to get a sense of their pasts but it never feels like a-very-special-episode. She does it just right. In fact, I thought there was a slight dig at another famous "romance" hero billionaire in Amanda's backstory. Just sayin.


It was romantic, gentle, a lil sexy, funny, and a great read. I was a tiny bit disappointed that there was no sex. Boo. However, I'm making my way through St. Claire's backlist and it is amazing and wonderful, so no complaints.