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Mini-Review of Aftershock

I liked Sylvia Day's Aftershock. I read the first book, Afterburn, this fall when it came out and probably could have reread it as there were some relationships I'd forgotten about between the two installments of this two-part series. Aftershock doesn't really summarize them. Anyway, this would be a great beach read, if you like sexy beach reads. (Are beach reads normally sexy?) The marketing of this book as Harlequin meets Cosmo is perfect. There were even two Cosmo quizzes in the back. I'm still considering my ambivalent feelz about those. But, hey, they took me back--and I got to see that Cosmo has not changed at all.


I really like Day's writing but this wasn't as angsty as I normally like from her. Still, she's a reliable writer and I appreciate that. I liked this book a little more than the last one, mostly because I was rooting for Gia and Jax to be together. I wasn't that fond of them in the first book. But here, Gia was likable and Jax was intense and crazy about her. Probably my favorite parts were the descriptions of his clothing: various versions of a three-piece suit, several things unbuttoned or loosened. Yep. That apparently is something I find appealing.


So, it's not too serious, not too fluffy. You can practically read it in one sitting.