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The Professional part 2: still fanning myself

The Professional: Part 2 - Kresley Cole

Hawt. Sauce.


Part 2 of this series is exciting, funny, and super sexy. And mostly in Paris. PARIS!


I love, love that Kresley Cole acknowledges and then dismisses tired tropes like the "magical vag" fixing a couple's relationship problems. Same goes with Natalie wondering about Alexei, but not getting hung up on the idea that she has to figure him out. She just wants to get to know him.


The conflict in this installment worked for me. The Siberian works for me too. Whew! Natalie and her friend Jess's phone call was hilarious.


There was even a little Easter egg mention of a historical romance by an author with an odd first name that included a masked courtesans' ball scene. Ahem. If you haven't read Cole's If You Deceive, remedy that because I just reread it this summer and it is fab. The heroine, Maddy is wonderfully scrappy.


Counting the days until part 3 comes out.