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2013 Reading Challenge Reflections

I won't be able to meet my 2013 reading challenge goal and I'm trying to deal with it like a mature adult who, ahem, doesn't have an over-achieving past. I set the bar high (-er than my 2012 goal), at 75, figuring 1 1/2 books per week would be do-able.


I just broke 60 last night, so unless all I do is read for the next nine days (WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME!!), I won't make my goal. Alas.


Last November when I joined GR, I set the goal at 25, and went over it to log 32 books for 2012. I loved being at 128% of my goal. Silly me. I was also convinced though that I'd left some out, so I wanted to aim higher for 2013.


This is probably good for me. My perfectionistic side does not need encouragement.


In some ways I feel great for having read 60 so far this year. Time well spent. :) Plus, they were great books. I don't log my DNFs, and I try to move on when I'm not loving something, so it is nice to see that I had so many to enjoy. That is one of the things I really enjoy about BL (and GR): logging a list of TBR books, so I never worry that I have nothing to read.


So, thank you bloggers and reviewers for your recs! I appreciate the time you take to write thoughtful, funny, and honest reviews. It's such a good problem to have too many books to read. And thank you, authors everywhere! You've made me a very happy reader and I'm so grateful.


How are you feeling about your reading progress?