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Once Upon a Winter's Eve Mini-Review

Once Upon a Winter's Eve - Tessa Dare

I'm running out of adjectives to express my adoration for Tessa Dare's books. I loved this novella and could not put it down.


Violet, a corner-lurking wallflower, is secretly nursing a broken heart at Spindle Cove following The Disappointment. A handsome stranger collapses at her feet at the Christmas Ball, mumbling in a foreign language only she can (barely) understand.


Le sigh.


Violet is a great heroine. She's brave and smart. She's been working hard during her time in Spindle Cove, basically finding her mojo. And it shows.


Scene-to-scene, it was unpredictable, although clearly there was an HEA. Still, both Violet and C have brains, which was nice.


The only thing I had a tiny quibble with was Violet holding a loaded gun to the hero several times. Too much gun stuff for me. However, dramatically, it worked. Just sayin.


The sexytimes were oh-so-sexy. And urgent, which is always hot. The hero has a nickname he'd like to change, so he's particularly motivated.


Loooooved this. Go read it. May handsome strangers wash up on your shore and stroke your stockings. ;)