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Spellbound Review

Spellbound - Sylvia Day

Short version: Hawt. Paranormal BDSM where heroine is a shifter-kitteh who is a Familiar. Hero is a Warlock who likes to wear low-riding pajama pants. He calls her "kitten."


Longer: This is a 130 pg novella composed of three short stories about the same couple. I loved this format. Want more of this format.


Okay, I love Sylvia Day's books as she's pretty much become an auto-buy. However, I hadn't read the first two novellas (which were published a few years ago), so I read all three together tonight. They worked well as a set.


Victoria is a Familiar who has gone rogue, or feral, since her previous Warlock, Darius, died. Their relationship was a bit more egalitarian than a trad D/s joining for "Magickind." Max Uber-Hottie is a Hunter, who is sent to collar her so she can then have a new master. But it can't be him because Hunters work alone.


Lots of super hot sexytimes. Magic. More stories about them and how they love each other. More magic.


BDSM is not always my cuppa, so certain things made my eye twitch. At the beginning, for me, there was questionable consent to Victoria being bound. I don't think Romancelandia has to always show perfect examples of consent in BDSM, but that made me wince. Max feeding her, dressing her, and being in total control of her sexually also was a bit much for me. However, I liked how Day did it, given the Familiar "take care of your kitty" vibe it had. It made sense in terms of the genre and world-building and didn't seem to stem from Max being an alpha-hole.


This book also had the craziest and most impressive BJ scene I've ever read. Talk about having balance.


So, it's wild, it's crazy, it's super sexy and it was a fun read. Not for the faint at heart, but I strongly recommend.