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Entwined Mini-Review

Entwined - Kristen Callihan

Kristen Callihan is one of my (new) favorite authors. I was excited to read her novella, Entwined as I have ADORED her Darkest London series. This story is loosely associated with it, sort-of like a pre-quel off-shoot. This mini-review is my attempt at not being spoilery, so let's see how this goes.


It starts out with an exhange of letters between Luella and Aidan, only Aidan hasn't learned to read or write, so his brother Eamon does it for him. The letters were adorable and funny, showing how Eamon and Lu, as he calls her, fall for each other. The Cyrano beginning to the story had me curling my toes in happiness.


Eamon is the red-haired second son of Evernight, an Earl, and he is loathed by his father. (I don't like using the term ginger since it is derogatory and I'm particularly fond of red-heads, but Eamon suffers for it, poor guy.) Similarly, Lu has a rough childhood and doesn't, at first, like the idea of being forced to marry someone she hasn't met. And, events that bring her to Evernight are terribly sad.


There's confusion, bumbling/fumbling virgins, secrets, and a little suspense. Oh! And a huge dose of paranormal...ability. Eamon is also a blacksmith, which has become my new favorite type of hero "profession." There's a forge, hammering, sweating, bulging muscles--everything you want. :)


It had a similar feel and tone as Callihan's Darkest London and I just loved it. Bonus for Lu being particularly outspoken.


Now, I'm just counting down the hours until Jack and Mary's story...