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Real Men Will Review

Real Men Will  - Victoria Dahl

There were things I really liked about this book and there were moments that were slow for me. Long moments--like, the entire subplot about a family involved in stealing money from the brewery. But the good moments, basically most scenes with Beth and Eric, were great.


First, the smexytimes were amazeballs. And funny. Scenes that can do both are much appreciated.


Second, there were nice scenes between the characters and their families. The secondary characters (many of whom are featured in other books) were well-rounded characters. And what I liked was how Eric and Beth's families were involved in their character arcs. So, while True Love was still pretty helpful and sweet, each character resolved their issues, varying themes around "being yourself" on their own.


Third, there was a strong sex-positive message in the book. You would think that most books that write about sex would be sex-positive, but, no. What I loved here was that Dahl took a spin on having a private, pretty vanilla heroine who managed an adult erotica store (sorry I'm stumbling over the description here), twisting the trope a bit from the sexy-but-doesn't-know-it to not-as-uninhibited-as-folks-think-she-is. Clever and effective message of being who you are, vanilla or not.


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