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I've loved romance novels since...like forever. I read across most subgenres of romance. I also write fantasy/paranormal and new adult romance.

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Wild Card - Lora Leigh I anxiously awaited this book and it was great! I recommend reading it after you've read a few of the books that precede it. It helps to give a sense of what has happened to Nathan, which has been awful.

Nathan went through total hell after a mission went bad. He's been rescued and now returned, but as Noah Blake. Hot, hot, hot. So freaking hot. Understandably, Sabella is confused about the resemblances and similarities--a favorite trope of mine, for some reason. Lora Leigh spins it out, finds redemption for our long-lost Nathan/Noah, and ends with a satisfying HEA. So great, so tortured, and such a crazy love. All the "scorching" Leigh-scenes you could want. **fans self** Absolutely my favorite book by Leigh. (Mercury's War a close second.)