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I've loved romance novels since...like forever. I read across most subgenres of romance. I also write fantasy/paranormal and new adult romance.

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Kill Me Twice (The Bullet Catchers, Book 1) - Roxanne St. Claire This is the first book in Roxanne St.Claire's Bullet Catchers series and was great. (Yes, I read them out of order and no, it's not a problem.) Great story. Great hero. Alex Romero is the perfect bodyguard! He can bring me a cup of cafe cubano any time. Or anything, any time. Ahem.

Jazz was a great heroine too: smart, scrappy, with plenty to prove, and total devotion to her sister. Again, I think St. Claire is one of the rare authors who shows female friendships in her books.

There was just enough backstory on everyone to make you care and curious to know more. Like the other BC books, we get glimpses of Lucy, who is mysterious and all-too-human in brief moments. I really enjoy a good romantic suspense and these are awesome. Twisty. I can never guess the baddie.

Highly recommend.