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I've loved romance novels since...like forever. I read across most subgenres of romance. I also write fantasy/paranormal and new adult romance.

After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna I really, really enjoyed this book. I think it is one I will be rereading soon. The setting is unique and the characters are too. In that way, the story was allowed to be about how being with someone can change how you see yourself. No billionaire bells and whistles.

And, ah, Kelly. An alpha (sometimes)hole with a big heart. I adored him. Although this is told in first-person, we got to see how Kelly was falling for Erin too. That was an impressive feat, especially since he isn't the most talkative type of guy. But he showed it. Erin took a wee bit too much time to figure it out, but she got there too.

This book has a lot going on: raunchy, sweet, emotionally-tough-girl-realizes-she-can-be-vulnerable-and-be-okay, and the joys of bossiness. Cara McKenna has a unique voice and LOVELY use of metaphors.