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Linz Loves Romance

I've loved romance novels since...like forever. I read across most subgenres of romance. I also write fantasy/paranormal and new adult romance.

Firelight - Kristen Callihan OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK. Wow! Kristen Callihan has a lovely, intricate style. She peppered lots of little details to give the story definitive, historical elements (and I'm assuming accuracy). It just amazed me. Great characters, heartbreaking romance, mystery, suspense--so much to love about this book!

Miranda was strong and brave and relatable. I also loved how Callihan revealed Archer to the reader. What a great tortured hero. And, of course, humor gets me every time. I loved the small moments of lightness. So wonderful.

Swoony, romantic, sexy, suspenseful. I could not put it down and will be reading the rest of the series. Highly recommend.