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Bared to You  - Sylvia Day I struggled with this book at first. Eva and Gideon are such messed up characters and the focus on Gideon's looks and wealth was a bit much. Still, there was the sense that Sylvia Day wasn't going to leave them messed up and broken. Day's writing is accessible and also lush. She shows us how very insecure Eva is and yet doesn't try to justify it. I liked that Eva knew her behavior was childish, which is refreshing in a character. Gideon was quite distant, but again, we got enough backstory to get a sense of why he was like that and how his shell was cracking in order to be with Eva.

I thought Day's handling of their childhood abuse was sensitive and gave just enough detail. This book could be triggering for some and a less skilled writer could have been gratuitous. With Day, it just made my heart hurt for Gideon and Eva. They are like the definition of internally conflicted characters.

Probably my favorite scene was the limo in the red dress. Just wow.

I highly recommend this series and encourage readers to check out Day's backlist.