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Kiss of a Demon King - Kresley Cole This is my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE Kresley Cole book! I had been waiting for Rydstrom's story as he was featured in earlier IAD books. I tend to lean towards liking the good guys, so I already knew I'd appreciate his story. This book was worth the wait. Sabine, however, is probably my favorite heroine. Like ever. I don't think I've ever read someone like her and she shocked, amazed, and made me laugh in every scene. Adored them together. They were so perfect together--sparking off each other and yet their HEA seemed impossible. I've reread multiple times and am totally hooked.

Sabine's sister Melanthe is introduced here and I'm hoping she and Thronos get their own story sometime soon. Lanthe's supportive relationship to Sabine was a nice touch. Their scenes were touching and funny. It is unfortunately rare sometimes in romances that heroines have female friends, but Cole's characters often do. That is another quality I appreciate in her books and the IAD series in particular.