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Hidden Dragons - Emma Holly

Very, very good book by Emma Holly. So sexy and such a unique take on paranormal romance. I liked the old-crushes theme between Rick and Cass. It was sweet and added to the intensity of when they finally meet up.


I also liked how Rick and Cass both had supportive friends. While I enjoy reading about the occasional, angsty loner, I think writing supportive female friends is still rare in romance and I appreciate it when it is there. Rick's were-bros also all had more fleshed out personalities, which was nice. Sometimes paranormal worlds tend to consist of too many alpha males mashed into a small space. Again, Holly does it in her own riveting, unique way, mixing it up more.


The dragons were interesting and made sense for the plot, although they had moments of moppet-like cuteness. Still, they were important in several ways and I liked them.


Another strong installment in her Hidden series in "the Pocket" world.