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Professed: Mini Review

— feeling confused
Professed - Nicola Rendell

This book started out fun and a nice change from my rom reading glut. I love a masquerade and I also love that this book accurately portrayed the obsessive OMG-I-think-about-you-all-the-time nature of attraction and falling for someone. I also enjoyed the alternating first person present POV and college setting. But about 70%, it went off the rails. 


What I enjoyed: the author's voice, the heroine is sex-positive and independent, the college setting, and that it was erotic romance.


What didn't work for me: the main conflict seemed to get fixed too quickly and easily, some of the kink-choices (i.e., writing on a person with a sharpie, nylon rope) took me out of the story, and I felt like the characters--he, a philosophy professor and she, a philosophy major NEVER wrestled with the huge power imbalance in their relationship. They didn't want to get caught because of the impact it would have on his job and her scholarship, and there was a slight acknowledgement (in their heads) of their age difference, but nothing about how she was a student in his class, and lived in a dorm that was somehow under his "domain" or whatever.


So, this forbidden romance trope, especially with a new to me author, just might not work for me. Sigh. But, I finished the book and am glad these two philosophy lovers ended up together.