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Hardcore Mini-Review

Hardcore (Filth Book 3) - Dakota Gray

This is the third book in Dakota Gray's contemporary romance series, centering on three male friends. The book is told entirely in the hero's POV. I loved it. Duke is an attorney, blessed with being born into a family of attorneys, but wants to be his own person and make partner at a firm that isn't his father's. He's a bit of an alphahole--mostly in the way that he's incredibly ambitious and a workaholic. Three years prior, after (during?) a holiday party, he drunkenly has sex with Kennedy, a woman who owns a courier service for attorneys. The sex is hot, possibly too intense for Kennedy who initially rejects Duke.


Can you feel the angst yet? There's so much angst. So, there's a second chance at love/hooking up, which is nice. Also, Kennedy is a great heroine. She takes no shit (especially from Duke) and she's the kind of person you want to be friends with.


But, really, the story is all about Duke. I rarely like alphaholes, but for him, I was all in. It's probably because he struggles with it so much AND, his grovel is SO GOOD. I love Gray's writing and I trust her, so I knew going in that whatever dickish behavior Duke would do, he'd also have to answer for.


If you haven't read this series, I strongly encourage you to. It's funny, sexy, angsty, and a great escape.