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Right Through Me Mini-Review

Right Through Me (The Obsidian Files Book 1) - Shannon McKenna

Right Through Me is the first book in Shannon McKenna's new series, The Obsidian Files. I adore her books and this one was no different. I'd categorize it as paranormal romantic suspense, which is where her McCloud series ended up as well.


Right Through Me is about Noah, the leader of a group of modified supersoldiers, and Caro, a woman who witnessed a murder and is wanted by the big bad (also a modified supersoldier) for her brain wave ability to open something. Noah and his friends have taken new identities and become billionaires by creating bio-tech inventions, BUT, they also want to get back at the group of psychopaths--the Obsidian group--who experimented on them and then wanted to destroy them.


I loved the opening scene where Caro is hired as a belly-dancer to surprise Noah--during a board meeting. It was intense, awkward, and sexy. We got an up-close of how Noah's modifications fritz-out. It's almost like heavy applications of sexytimes would help him...*cough.


Caro was plucky and strong and caring. She grudgingly accepts Noah's help but she really wants to clean up her own mess. I loved her independence even though I wanted to tell her to trust Noah much sooner than she did. Noah is a bossy, control freak alpha male, who tends toward watch-and-see to keep the people he cares about safe. I won't spoil this, but, trust that he has to change these views. (Heh.) I appreciated his alpha tendencies, mostly because he worked hard to reign them in with Caro and he doesn't venture into alpha-hole territory.


The sexytimes were awesome. Hot--so hot!--with the connection between Noah and Caro turning and tightening with each scene.


The paranormal world-building was great--techy but with a focus on the human experience of being changed (and tortured) as well as the emotional cost of such enhancements. Backstory was handled well--little sprinkles and no info-dumps. McKenna's scenes are intense and, and, at times, violent, but not over the top for me.


TW: for threatened sexual assault and threats about hurting a child; plenty of fight scenes, some of which are a bit gory.


So excited about this new series! *fangirl-flails