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Dark Mafia Prince Mini-Review

Dark Mafia Prince: A (Dangerous Royals) - Annika Martin

I really like Annika Martin/Carolyn Crane's books, but this one was just okay for me. The set-up was strong, reunited childhood friends on opposite sides of a Russian mafia war, but it just lost steam.


The pacing was fine and I even thought the actions scenes were strong, but the romance--ahem, and the alluded to dirty sex--was few and far between and not particularly dirty.


So, if you are the type of reader who is annoyed when characters in a romantic suspense story stop during a chase scene to have sex, this is the book for you. I, however, never mind when that happens. ;)


A final note: I liked Mira and Aleksio as a couple. Their character arcs were subtle and made sense, I was just expecting more of a dark romance.