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Lord Dashwood Missed Out: Mini-Review

— feeling big smile
Lord Dashwood Missed Out: A Spindle Cove Novella - Tessa Dare

Just finished this Spindle Cove novella by Tessa Dare and I can't stop smiling. It was funny, sweet, and romantic.


Nora pens a pamphlet on empowerment after her childhood (secret) sweetheart leaves to explore the world and become a cartographer. In the years since he's been gone, she becomes a successful authoress and travels much of England on speaking tours. She's scheduled to do one at Spindle Cove when, after a series of accidents, she is stranded with Dash in a carriage...during a snowstorm. (Swoon. So much swooning.)


I won't spoil whether/how Dash discovers what he missed, but I will say that his grovel is good. (We also learn his side of the story.)


I loved the characters, I loved being back in Spindle Cove, and I also enjoyed the subplot that had four heroes of previous stories going out to look for the missing author. Colin, the hero from A Week to be Wicked, was especially fun.


Loved, loved, loved. Highly recommend.