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Lord and Master Mini-Review

— feeling happy
Lord & Master (The Billionaires Book 3) - Emma Holly

Lord and Master is the second book in Emma Holly's Beck and Call series. The first book ends with a satisfying HEA, but this book picks up where that one ended. Basically, Holly did an Alternate Universe (AU) with her characters, moving the love story to a Downton-esque Edwardian era setting. Cool, right?


I really liked it. I adore Holly's voice. There was slightly less energy in this one since we know the characters are already together. However, it was enjoyable, sexy, and had moments of humor. It was like the author's version of fan-fiction. (Which is apparently now a thing in the summer and fall of 2015?)


If you liked Beck and Call, pick up a copy of Lord and Master, simply to spend more time with these characters.