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Sweet Filthy Boy Mini-Review

Sweet Filthy Boy - Christina Lauren

I picked this up when it was down to $1.99 on amazon last week and I totally loved it!!


It starts with a college graduation party-weekend in Vegas. As one does. Mia is a former dancer who is about to move across the country to get her MBA. She meets a sexy French dude named Ansel who is reconnecting with his friends from an across-the-USA bike and build a house bike trip. They hook up and get married and Mia is left with the decision to spend the summer in Paris* (Yes!!!) or go back (to her unhappy) home and wait to move to Boston (Booooo!).


The actual hook-up and marriage are off-scene, so we're left with a sense of head scratching as to how Ansel and Mia went from flirty to married. But they did and it was a good hook. Snippets are explained and Mia was very drunk but not blacked out.


This book had my favorite elements: Mia has fun & supportive friends, hero is a French dude (and also not an alphahole), PARIS, dancing, and plenty of smexy scenes.


I adored it and have started reading more Christina Lauren. (This was my first.) It's also NA? So, yay. I'm finally appreciating more of this subgenre. There was a sense of each character being at a turning point in terms of identity and career, but without any whiny naval-gazing. I really liked Mia and Ansel was adorable.


There's a "big secret" that erupts in the third act. I still think it works and made some sense as to why the character kept it for so long. So, this is a story where the major conflict hinged on that. However, it worked for me. I also liked how Mia needed to figure herself out aside from her relationship with Ansel, and she does.


Funny and sexy. Highly recommend. ;)


*The answer to this question should always be YES! ;)