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Write Your Novel From the Middle: mini-review

Write Your Novel From The Middle: A New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between - James Scott Bell

I love James Scott Bell's books on writing and craft. He gives specific advice, both big picture and small, and this was yet another way of looking at story structure that I found to be really helpful. This approach was useful without being overwhelming. Much appreciated.


Writing from the middle is the notion that if you know the middle of your book, the place where your lead has a huge emotional reflection/turning point, you can then work outward for the rest of the book. Essentially, you can set it up, in what he calls the first pillar (like a break into act 2) and then follow-through in the second pillar (essentially, the climax). Bell believes that this approach to novel writing can work for plotters, pantsers, and tweeners (like me!).


It's a shorter book (mine read at 61 pages), but well-worth the $2.99 ebook price I got it for. Another useful addition to my craft book "library."