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Taken Mini-Review

Taken - Charlotte Stein

Rosie meets Johann when she and a friend try to pull off a prank in his bookstore. Johann grabs her and chains her up in the basement. Worst meet-cute ever, right?


And, yet, this is Charlotte Stein and she is amazing. So what starts out kinda scary gets pretty funny. (And then super hot!)


There's a tiny gothic vibe throughout the novella and Johann reads like a hero who could be from another time. He's basically described as a werewolf in a cardigan. Rosie is adventurous and a little damaged but sexually empowered. In one of the sweetest lines, Johann tells her she doesn't know what she's worth. The guy is a sweetie. And by sweetie, I mean he's also a beta Dom. If that type exists. Yeah.


Taken was delightful, weird, and sexy.