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The Friend Zone: Mini Review

The Friend Zone - Kristen Callihan

The Friend Zone is the second book in Kristen Callihan's NA football-themed Game On series. I love, love, love Callihan's writing. Her historical paranormals are some of my favs. NA, however, is not always my cuppa. Still, the characters, Gray and Ivy were likeable, great together as friends and as lovers, and the pacing of the second half really got the story going.


Gray and Ivy fight to stay friends even while their attraction to each other grows. I, of course, was yelling for them to "just kiss already!" but they got there in their own, sweet time. Their texting is also hilarious. The sexytimes were hot--*cough, except for one scene with morning breath. But, I loved how hard Gray fell for Ivy. He went from sleeping with a different woman every night to only wanting her. It was believable and sweet. Callihan's heroes are some of the best in Romancelandia, including in her NA world.


If you love friends-to-lovers, this is a great book all about that trope.