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The Hunger Games Mini-Review

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins

Over the span of a week, my husband and I watched the Hunger Games movies (as of this post three are out). We really enjoyed them so I decided to listen to the audiobook. I really liked it though the narrator sounded quite a bit older than Katniss' 16 years. Still, it worked for me and I'll be reading/listening to the next book.


One thing I thought stood out more in the book than the movie, was the concept of Katniss as the POV character. Obviously the book went into greater detail in terms of her reactions and intentions, but I enjoyed the way her POV showed that, at times, she was just a young girl. Almost an unreliable narrator, but not quite that extreme. For instance, she had very little understanding of her own appeal, whether as a friend or a love-interest. She just doesn't see it, but it's clear from how other characters treat her, that she intrigues/attracts them.


Super entertaining and the world-building was exciting. Eek!


Anyway, love the series and will be reading more YA in the future. *cough, #TeamPeeta