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The Fulfillment Mini-Review

The Fulfillment: (Erotic Historical Romance) (Princess Shanyin Book 3) - Liliana Lee, Jeannie Lin

I loved this trilogy! The third story, The Fulfillment, again was darker, almost broody. Shanyin has been reunited with Yuan, but in an upsidedown world. She also has new enemies to contend with, and the same "weapon" to use against them.


There were twists and turns that I couldn't see resolving in a positive way for Shanyin. She's a survivor though, and that was what I liked about the character. In many ways, in this installment, she's completely alone.


This is an erotic romance though and that shines through. Yuan yearns for Shanyin. While we never see his point of view, his feelings for her are clear. Shanyin really struggles to see them though.


If heartache can be lovely--else why would we read these stories? *sigh--this is a great example. Highly recommend!